-when we rise-

-when we rise-
When is it that you feel like a strong woman?
Answer: everyday that you are a woman.
International Women's Day is truly everyday.
Everyday that we show up. And, everyday that we mess up and then still show up.
When we nurture and boss up.
When we work hard and when we feel weak.
When we have had enough and when we give a little more.
When we are maternal and when we just mother ourselves.
When we fail.
And when we rise.
Most of us have a fluid swing between our masculine and feminine and know when to harness them both.
We have mentors and modern day wonder-women to call on.
We have our tribes.
Today, I have seen the most beautiful posts. Posts that make me feel strong, posts that call me inspiring, posts that remind me of the power we own.
Mostly I have seen women, and some pretty rad men, acknowledging what is the truthiest truth day in and out.
Not by comparison or movement, not by creed or color, not by experience or ability,
WOMEN are spectacular and together we are undeniable.
Today and everyday.
We rise.
To all of the women I know and love, let us celebrate our every day.