My church.


This is what nature does to me. Smiles, joy, peace, clarity, awareness. The woods are my church. These are just a few of the life relate-able messages that have dropped in for me, out there.

* Even when the path is hard to see there are always guides, signs and reminders to help open your eyes to the right way.
*It’s okay to ask for and receive help.
* You can branch off the path, but you will be guided back without fail.  Wandering is not lost, as the saying goes.
* Even if you do not reach the end, your journey is what matters.  It is where the living is.
* Sometimes your path takes you off track a bit, you must see it through to find all of the beauty in life, it is there just beyond the comfort zone.
* Take time to enjoy all that surrounds you.
* Obstacles may be just the test you need, to make you stronger, better.
* Not everyone has been through exactly what you have, but we have all faced struggles and challenges on this path of life.
* The most grueling climbs lend spectacular views.
* You’ve got you and we all have each other.

Find some time to connect with what makes you come alive!