Start with you


Is it easier not to?
Is it serving you to fall back into old programming?
To stay small and not believe in your value, your worth, your unique and spirited self?
Does what someone else did to you define you?
We are not always the cause of what happens to us, but overcoming is completely our responsibility. No one else is coming to save us.
And often, we are the worst undoing of ourselves.
We get in our own way more than anyone else ever could.
We hold on when we were meant to let go long ago.
We lay down speed bumps and full on tire tracks in order to avoid the work we need to do.
We distract and procrastinate.
We use anything we can in order to numb, not deal, bury it, hide.
At the end of each day though, it is all still there. And, until it comes up and out, it will haunt the doorway to your progress.
Lingering like an old scent, knocking you back when you least expect it.
Our resilience and strength lies in opening the door, to our souls, anyway, walking through, especially when painful.
Getting curious and unpacking it all. Knowing you’ve got you.
Believing the you on the other side will be better for it.
The healing is in being the ocean, not only the waves.
The sky, unrelentingly blue despite the raging clouds and storms.
Believe in you, just try. The worst case will be continuing exactly where you are, and the best case, you, living, loving, existing, growing, creating in spite of it all.
I dare you. Stay. Lean in. Meditate.

Start with you. Believe.



Tracy HolemeyerComment