Do you trust yourself completely?

Do you trust yourself completely?

Do you know your worth so well that you never accept less than you deserve?

Do you make decisions from a place of alignment to your values and purpose?

Trusting, deeply knowing, and aligning ourselves is a constant practice. It takes consistent effort, awareness, and acceptance.

So what does this practice look like? How do we work on this?

Below are some small ways we begin and work on trusting ourselves. Scroll through and see how they make you feel, if you attach to any of them, and then act.

And if you'd like to dive deeper, if you'd like some support on this journey, hit me in the dm’s.

-Spend time with yourself. Really disconnect with the world and find your inner connection.

-Meditate. It is the act of showing up for yourself without judgment. Sitting still and quietly. In the process of self-inquiry, we can free ourselves from the shackles of suffering.

-Accept yourself as you are. Believe you are uniquely and beautifully made, this world needs you exactly as you are.

-Believe that you matter. Build on your gifts.

-Embody your values. Alignment in these truths allows us to show up authentically.

-Be unwaveringly kind to yourself. Treat yourself the way you want others to. No exceptions.

-Speak or write about what matters to you.

-Listen to what your body needs and then deliver. Our amazing design gives us the ability to alert us to what we need. Panic even, is an alert. Tired, rest. Sad, lean in. Panic, stay. Isolated, play. Busy, meditate.

-Say how you feel even if it is uncomfortable. There is a part of you that disconnects a little more every time you do not speak your truth.

-Set healthy boundaries, made of steel. This topic is too detailed for this post, but very, very important.

-Utilize your yes’s and no’s according to you, not what you believe is expected of you.

-Forgive yourself. And, forgive others.

-Accept that failure is still a result, disappointment is still information.

-Schedule time to approach the above as a priority.

How are you showing up for you? Are you facilitating trusting yourself? Are you complicit in the mistrust?

You matter so much.