It's time.

There has been this pull in my heart for, well, ever.  I have written journal after journal, sticky note after sticky note, scratch paper, text, Facebook post, IG pic and tweet... my heart sings to be heard! And now it is time to share.  And as I sit here, with tears in my eyes that I have FINALLY begun my expression of me, wine in hand, of course, I realize it would probably seem to most like a daunting task.  Here is my plan and why it is not so for me.  I am a Virgo and perfectionist by nature.  I will type my little love notes or horror stories, and everything in between... like a new bourbon... never sure how it will hit your palate, and fantastically without issue for the likes and dislikes, because it is just me here, tonight, typing away.  And in some time (probably by tomorrow, noting Virgo nature) I will have this seemingly user-friendly site down and exploding with goodness so that then I will need to organize it... and hello, love language of mine... did the word organize just dance over my lips.... yes, it did! And as I organize I will share. As I share I will unveil and grow and cry and unearth... I will also protect the innocent so everyone reading can sigh in relief... however, if the shoe fits, as the saying goes, **ahem.

In all honesty though, the best part, the biggest part of knowing this is safe and not so daunting, is in this hectic mind of mine, I find the utmost peace in releasing the depths of my thoughts. Thank you in advance for reading, accepting, experiencing, sharing and living... with me.  I appreciate ya!