So here it is.

So here it is.  My blog.  My words.  Be easy on me, or don't... I have survived some pretty un-sur-viv-able things... my hope is with these words, I reach you.  Yes you, the one who needs them.  I write at random, and so you will learn me as we go.  Sometimes funny and sarcastic and sometimes so desperately sad you will cry for me because it resonates at a human place we can't try to escape.  Also, at times you might not connect at all, but know someone who might.  Share it.  Share my words so they may make an impact of progress.

I am me, unabashedly... as I asked some loves to give me a single word with no direction, to describe me, I got the lot.  Independent, strong, resilient, beautiful, bold, mother, woman, boss, philanthropist, smart, intuitive.  They are too sweet.  I would add, since we are all our biggest critic, anxious, stubborn, driven, tough, sometimes cold, confrontational, stern, a -no bs-er, commanding.... and fair warning and sorry mom, I do cuss... sometimes a lot....::get back to the point lady::

...but for me, my favorite person in the world, my baby boy, my heart beating outside of my body, once called me a survivor. A word that solidly, in one breath dropped me to my knees and then immediately propelled me, no forced me, to  So for tonight, this first of millions of words... Hi, I am Tracy, a survivor.  Nice to meet you!  Now buckle up baby cus this will be full of ups and downs... do enjoy! Cheers!