FYI & a little diddy for FRIYAY

Hey, Y'all! So there are a couple of things I wanted to put out there today, but first, we gon' sing a little song.  Now I find this useful in my own life which is why I am sharing, not to be misconstrued as condescending or rude, although I am not one to sweeten the drink if it's too bitter for your taste.  Which brings me back on track to my point.... drinks... jk jk

Ok, not really...So if you have lived under a rock for the last like 15 years, you are now excused, but the rest of you by now, kids or not, should know who Dory is, from Finding Nemo.  Well, as you may know, she is very forgetful and so when she gets confused, or scared or sad, or any range of other emotions, one of the things she always remembers to do is say/sing... "just keep swimming, just keep swimming"  if you don't know it, then I suggest watching - cute movies.  Anywho, for this exercise in song and lyric we are going to use this idea, just like I do every day, but instead of swimming, we are going to swap it for SCROLLING.  Follow me here.

So the world can be awesome, amazing and yuck, and great, and happy, and sad, and annoying, ugh, and frustrating... but when we find ourselves in a spot... say reading something we do not like **ahem... on someones feed or blog post... we are going to sing "just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling"

Like those 'meet bob' memes, where Bob is just really a chill guy, or gal, doing life the best they can, not making waves for anyone who isn't up for the surf... am I making sense here?  Basically, I am opening up to you all, on a human level.  I would appreciate the same in return... not that opinions or feels are wrong, even debate can be constructive, but more in a "be kind for everyone you meet is fighting some sort of battle" kinda vibe.

All that said, somewhat light-heartedly, of course, brings me to the heavy topics.  When I say I am a survivor, I mean an actual survivor.  My story has chapters that one simply should not have to live through, but here I am! So while I am accurately aware of the sensitivities to certain topics, I also face all of my horror stories head-on, because I can.  I was given the talent of articulation.  Once I learned that the space between action and my reaction was mine to formulate the best most authentic and real response, I was placed in situation after situation to share.  To tell my story, again, because I can.  Some things are too hard, or too devastating for people to open up about, but my gift not only allows me to but man it absolutely unleashes the best of me when I do.  Take me as you will, these are just my truths.

**Now, to follow-up on my "names have been changed" comment from a previous post (thanks if you read it), some names cannot be changed, like mom, or brother, ex-husband, father or son.  That said, I directly, sincerely, and purposefully apologize if I hurt anyone with my truths.  My intention here is freedom, and to maybe help someone overcome, or progress in life, never to bring pain to another.  If you find yourself on the receiving end of something uncomfortable, lets chat, I promise I will meet on a path of honesty and love.

Just keep swimming... with love,