My young man

It was almost impossible to say "young man"... he. is. my. little.boy!

I have set my bar at raising an amazing human... like the rest of life, it is a work in progress.  Luckily for me, I started with one of the most humble, kind, huge-hearted kids you'll ever meet.  Sure I have shaped and molded him, and have slowly started to allow myself some credit (more on that later) but I honestly believe he has made me a better mother because he has such an amazing soul. The credit certainly goes to something bigger and more divine than myself.  Insert hashtag, aka the ol school pound, one blessed mama, grateful, he's my everything, etc... but I promise to also keep it real here... parenting is effing hard! (more on that later also)

Ups and downs, across the years... have created who we are now, and at this moment he makes me feel proud, loved, and successful, just keep his bedroom door closed! But seriously.  Seeing the pride on his face last night when I showed him my/this blog, was more good feels than I could have asked for.  Y'all I am grateful.