My two cents; breastfeeding

Good morning Y'all! So you guys are not going to believe this, the other day I walked into a restaurant, and EVERYONE was out, in public, eating!!!! Wide open for everyone to see... it was like a horror movie!

::insert ALL the eye rolls here::

Sarcasm aside, if you're hungry you eat.  If your baby is hungry, feed them.  It is very simple actually, and I don't understand the intensity and obsession over the human female nipple! For crying out loud, people watched a giraffe in labor for hours, on a birthing-cam... and then those same people will watch an animal feed their babies.  The ONLY issue with a woman breastfeeding her baby, to nourish and ya know, not starve him or her.... is the damn people who take up an issue with it.


Now, for all of those who may not like it, I want you to apply the "just keep scrolling" diddy (FriYAY post, thanks for reading ;)) in real life.  Sure, I get it makes you uncomfortable, but that is a personal problem.  Just keep walking, just keep walking.  And maybe GameStop with 50 horny, chub-poppin teenagers will draw a bit of an unwanted crowd, but come on man... is it really that big of a deal to watch someone there a syndrome, or a 'my weird obsession' show on this?  Hold please, I need a sip of coffee... from my big, tan, round... MUG... more eye rolls.  Ok I am back.... and for anyone, who says, they should just cover up, my hand to God, next time I see you out eating, I will find a blanket and throw it over your head and see how ya like it.

Rock on to all you mamas, breastfeeding or are all doing an amazing job!

Ok end rant. Happy weekend!  Thanks for reading!



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