No pants parties.

So my friend said "come meet us out!"

And I replied with "I have pizza, beer and no pants"

Totally understood, I was not going anywhere.  I mean, this is what bliss is like!  There is something so comfy about getting home and shedding the bla's of the day, unhooking the bra (when I wear one) taking off smothering pants, and being bare foot.  Freedom!

People always assume no pants parties are something more, involving another human, but I can assure you it is usually as non-sexual as it can be.  I'm not sure why I like to be pants free, I do love jeans and leggings, but getting home and throwing on an over-sized shirt, shorts if the kiddo is home, and lounging around is a certain level of heaven.

Fair warning, if the pants have come off, chances are I will not be going anywhere.

Cheers! Sans pants!