I know, I know...

This will sound crazy to most... but welcome to my world.  No one can ever say they weren't warned.  Ever.

Anywho, I often forget to eat.  I know! I said crazy.  Weren't you just reading that!?  It is not intentional, I often just don't feel hungry.  I think it has to do with the link between my anxiety in the brain and gut.  Maybe the wires get crossed, or so overwhelmed they just give up.  Either way, I often realize I need to eat, by other symptoms like headaches, dizziness, lightheadedness, shaking, etc. or just happening to glance at the clock and go, hmmm I don't remember when I ate last.

Now, of course, this is wholly different when it comes to my love of food... I am a FOODIE!  And look forward to meals, snacks etc.   If there is food around, odds are I am all about it.  I just don't wake up hungry or feel hungry very often throughout a day.  I know I need to eat, but there has got to be a disconnect somewhere in the system.

For example, today I had prepared to eat two hard boiled eggs, a yogurt and a banana for breakfast, spread over like an hours time.  While peeling the second egg, the shell was not coming off right, and being on #teamnosleep for the millionth night in a row, I just gave up on it, trashing the butchered remains.  Now I hate wasting, that should tell you how little effort I had in continuing the attempt at peeling.  "Dear egg, why couldn't you have been simple to peel like your tasty sister... sheesh."  I threw away the egg, having only eaten the first, around 9 am... it is now 12:30 and I only realized I hadn't eaten anything else until I went to get up and everything in the room faded like that one IG filter where all the corners get super dark.

So I suppose I am off to feed myself before I end up passing out, again.  Wouldn't that be typical, as I sit in front of my computer, typing about forgetting to eat.