You think you've heard it all?! Y'all don't even know!

I am gonna go ahead and pull my soapbox out here, and 10 microphones, after reading back.

Begin. Rant.

Sure, I put a lot of my life out there, so much more than most...which is sad, in my opinion, but if you think that is knowing me... you. are. wrong.

You think you know what's better for me than I do? Or for anyone but yourself, and perhaps your child? Wrong again.

Here is what I think... I think you should spend half as much time on what you think about me, or anyone else for that matter... reinvest that instead, into yourself, and clean up your life a bit.  What's that saying about glass houses?  Or is it the pot/kettle one?

Not to go off here, but this is just a mere snippet of what I mean.

That selfie you posted, looks just like the last 50.

That girl that you flirt with and convince that you are into, and then screen shot her messages as a joke to others, yeah, she is a human.  You should try and treat her that way.  Not because she deserves it or not, you are no judge as far as I remember, but what you are doing actually speaks volumes about you, not her.

You think someone doesn't take care of their child because they post pictures of going out on social media.  Oh okay, I will be sure to take pictures while making dinner, vacuuming the house, and juggling 50 different things after work, you know like how real parenting goes, let me just grab my phone and bury my face on it instead of being present in life at home.

Or worse, you see a parent (moms get the majority of this one) that goes out and enjoys them selves here and there, how dare they have a life after baby!  Sorry you didn't, but I cannot give what I don't have, if I don't enjoy and experience life, how will I ever teach my child to?  I can assure you when it comes to my little human, he is well taken care of, and if you need further proof, have a chat with him.  I can assure you he is turning out much better than... ahem, most.

While we are on parenting, how about asking that poor gal what it's like to not get a dime and still make ends meet for the better of her child.  Meanwhile that next broad is dangling her child out for ransom to a dad that actually wants to be involved.  Or instead of focusing on what the active parent has done or not done to collect on the debt, start asking the deadbeat why he is so far behind.

Relationships... Oh, that guy that it didn't work out with?  Yea, we are still good friends, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  So don't assume he is just a douchebag.  The guy that was in fact a douchebag, well he didn't come with a carfax report, so while I was living life I figured out the truth, and did what I needed to do.  I am not sad about it, it was an experience, and a lesson, nothing wasted.  Again, don't ask me to explain why I was with one in my past, why don't you ask why men think it's okay.

While on the topic, please do not assume you would be a better option for a person, myself especially.  If someone is in to you they will let you know.  Let me be more clear, if I were in to you, I would let you know.  I would not consistently listen to your sales pitch and then consistently meet it with, thanks, I will pass.

I firmly believe that if a person is not into you, you should be grateful for the honesty and them not wasting your time.  Acting like a butt-hurt little child that didn't get a treat is only affirming the original rejection.  Thanks for assuring me.

Who am I having sex with?  Unless it is you, it is NONE of your ________ ________ __________ __________ business!  (Yes, there is a slew of words there that fit in any order, have fun with it, like Madlibs!) If you think that what two consenting adults do, has anything to do with you, you probably have watched too many pornos and think the scene should go a different way.  Thank you Mrs. Producer.  I can only imagine, because what else could it possibly have to do with your life or your opinion?  Let me set this in for you, IT DOESN'T!

While we are discussing someone else's sex life, let me be clear on this, if you still insist on judging what someone else does behind close doors... whether you know of it, or hear of it, or are simply lowering yourself to gossiping about better bring the pain to both parties.  Making the girl out to be a whore, while the guy is "just doing what guys do" is pathetic.  It takes two to tango, and if you wanna call me out, get him on the line too, because all hell is about to break loose... and you may need the back up.

Abuse... for the love of God, and all things Holy, please stop blaming the victim, or asking stupid questions like why they stayed.  Start talking and focusing on the real problem, why is the abuser doing it?!  All the hush-hush is simply enabling the problem.

Kids... what you do with your child is just fine honey.  It is not worse than the other mamas, but it also isn't necessarily better.  Do not act like your child is perfect and parenting is all roses and cupcakes, the jig is up, so stop comparing.

Oh you think that gal shouldn't wear a particular look, or should cover up more... yea, I am gonna need you to sit down.  Bodies are beautiful.  All shapes, all sizes.  If you disagree, don't look.  We all have the same parts, why is it such taboo?

I could go on for days about what I think... but Jesus gonna need to take the wheel here if I keep going.

So before I need blood pressure medication let me get to the point.  The truth is we all have our stuff, our path, our experiences, our upbringing, morals, pressures, bodies, loves, dislikes, habits...I could go on, but what you perceive of a person, may not always be what is actually a truth.  Of course we have been conditioned to make sense of things, to try and hold everyone to a social norm and if they don't fit their round booty in to your square container, they are wrong, outed, judged, made fun of, ridiculed, or worse.

It is a shame really.  It is like that quote, wishing we could live in a world where we saw another's soul instead of their appearance.  Boy, wouldn't that reveal some realities.  Instead, let us start focusing each day on how to be kinder, and more loving, pushing ourselves everyday to be better humans than to force others down with us because we are that miserable.

Break the status quo, do better at life.  Be kind, throw that around like confetti, BE LOVE you judgmental jerk!  Just do it!

Alright, I guess I can end this rant, for now...