Hey y'all!

Friday is finally here!

Admittedly I woke up this morning and was sure it was Saturday... imagine my disappointment when I realized I was wrong.

Thanks alarm clock.  It is only 6am, ugh!

But it was only for a second because after a meeting last night, and some support from a great and very talented friend, I am going to upgrade my website.  Trusting in myself (more so others belief in me), following this new path, and my drive to reach people is propelling the process.

When I started this blog, I referred to it as my new baby, this next step is like a milestone in that growth... potty training if you will, but not so shitty (hopefully!).  This is my way of saying "I am hoping this process will be seamless, but if it gets a little messy for a day or two, bear with me."

I have been assured it will be super easy, but for those that know me, I am certainly not tech-savvy.  And, I am nervous!

Every word of my content, is like my blood, sweat and tears.  I appreciate the love and support, and I am super excited about this next step!

I hope y'all have a super weekend!