I digress, already. I know I'm absurd.

So today was a MUUUUNNNNDAAAYA.  Not any worse or better than another, but ya know just the kind of day that you think, "I will start 'not drinking' during the work week, another day".  I mean why would anyone start 'not drinking' the first day after the weekend?  Seriously, I miss my kid, and my dog, and my bed, and my friends, and my bed, and having fun... and then even worse, we have to face all these stupid people on the road, and sometimes at work too.... worst. decision. ever.

Anywho, so here I am putting on a record, yes like actual vinyl because it's rad, period.  And I am making myself a huge salad and shrimp... side bar if y'all don't hear from me, the doctors suggestion of me being allergic to shellfish, that I find ridiculous, was actually true and I went into anaphylactic shock and died.  Please tell him I was wrong to give him the side eye.  Also, if that is how I go out, so be it, I am good with it. Shell fish or sex, or and sex... whichever God, I will be okay with it.  Do your will!

Back to my rant, so I am making this amazing shrimp salad and look at my veggie bowl full of red potatoes and I literally moan and say "I sooooooo deserve smashed potatoes with my red wine (read as shrimp salad) after today!"  Music, yummy food, a glass a vino and this record that is the kind of record you feel in your bones and soul.... and so I think, "I need to share this music on social media!"  So I record on IG and try to upload to the book - of - faces, only to be shot down 5 attempts worth!  What in the actual fuck Facebook, are you having a Monday too?  Your sister from another mister IG handled it just fine!

And so I toss the phone down in disgust and the dog farts so awfully bad that tears come to my eyes and I think, "great now it looks like I am crying over this dumb denied upload shit"  cus we all know Big Brother is watching through the video cam.  UGH... whatever!

And then as the title says, I digress, and I chug sip some wine, finish my meal and sit back to enjoy the tunes.  The "I feel guilty for such first world problems and being bratty, so I am telling all of you as a way of calling my own self out."

Hi, I am Tracy, I was being a crabby brat, but I am better now.  Thanks, wine, err um I mean friends... cheers!

Seriously though, FB you suck!  I mean y'all are great!





P.S.  I did not, will not run this through a grammar check because it is an emotional and kind of meaningless rant.  Where there is a comma, there is a pause... judge if you must!