I will always advocate for you.

I often receive questions and comments from those who need help the most.  They know something isn't quite right, or that their experiences are not okay, or that they need help.  When I began speaking I was worried that this would overwhelm me, or that I would take on their pain and hardships as my own.  I thought, "Hell, I barely pull myself through at times, how could I possibly carry others too?" and "What if I fail them?".

What I have learned is that sometimes, we can carry more than we think.  Sometimes, no, most times, they only need what I needed.  They need someone who listens and does not judge.  If that is the basis for what they are asking of me, then how could I not?    All I wanted was someone to hear me, and to accept what I was going through without adding theirs or societies footprint to it.  There is no failure in being a decent human.

I can do that and I always will.  Sometimes there is more, and I have grown into someone who can be there for them as well.  From extending a listening ear and a warm hug to linking them with helpful information, to holding their hand while they try and free themselves from the depths of their life, I can.  And so can you.  We all have it in us to be love, to be better and kinder.

If you know anyone who needs help, think of me.  Be there, or find someone, anyone who can.

Sending out loads of peace and love,

XO - T

By Grace

By Grace