The sun always rises

Press play.

And then here on the video as well (it will right itself).

I had never watched the sunrise.  The promise of a new day, another chance to come alive brimming on the water and bursting into the sky.  The rising of color swelling until you are forced to look away, blue to purple, pink, red and then the truest yellow and orange you have ever seen.  To have the luxury of living in a place like I do, I am almost ashamed to admit I had never taken advantage of this before.

Isn't it a brilliant reminder though, standing in front of the power of the sea, watching a new day dawn, that we have the ability every day to do more, and be better.  We have the chance each morning to start over or to keep pushing.  An opportunity on repeat, if we just reach out and grab it.

In this life of tragedy, controversy, sickness, and trial I want to remember this gift we are given instead.  When friends and family are taken to soon, or we are in a bad place, or there is a burden of suffering greater than we can handle, I want to sit in front of this beautiful mosaic and be humbled, gratefully.

Even when it all seems to set on this life, a relationship, a hurt that needs healing, old wounds...The sun will continue to rise.

Cheers to Friyay y'all!