I mean, have you ever been face to brain, with a brain?

Someone asked me if I thought I would run out of things to write about or say.  After I laughed one of those really deep belly laughs, I thought about it.  My problem is not running out of things to say, I doubt it ever will be.  However you never know, some writers have been known to eventually become shut-ins and never deal with the outside world.  Hard to imagine that for myself, but also if you told me I would be here today three years ago, I would have possibly called you a liar.  And then, now, I would be apologizing.

My problem is quite the opposite actually, in that I have entirely too much to say.  Sometimes, it is like this blog needs a bigger drain to let everything flow through more rapidly.  Of course, the funnel into said drain, me actually sitting or whatever I happen to be doing, and writing is the actual hold up.  I mean sometimes the thoughts are going so fast that I think I should be checked for dyslexia, not joking.  I have to type so fast to keep up that my fingers are often swapping letters to try and not lose the thought.  There is so much going on in my cabesa (the Spanish word for head, which I think is fun to say) at any given time that my process includes a draft collection of thoughts and potential works because the idea of getting something out one at a time, or at an hour that is conducive to actually working, not 3 A.M., feels like an impending implosion.

And an implosion of the brain would just be... awful.  I mean have you ever seen a brain?  I haven't because I would probably either be really into it or die.  No in between, and unfortunately there is no way to know until I am actually face to brain with one.  I could be in one of those moods where I am actually like, "This is the raddest thing ever!" With the exception of the owner of the brains part, since they obviously didn't make it.  And since we are talking about my brain, I would not be the one seeing it as the owner of it, of course... but maybe in an out-of-body kind of deal....hmmm.  Anywho, that part is not rad, but seeing it after, may just be surreal and really, really interesting (may they, or me, RIP).  Ooooor it could be the opposite and a particular gaggy mood could be upon me, and they present said brain and it's GAME-OVER... seriously, I cannot tell you which would happen.

Forgive yourself for not being able to follow that last paragraph, reading it back made me raise an eye brow at myself, trust me.  The point is, that I do not think I will ever run out of things to say.  Clearly.

My goal, however, is to not just not running out of things to say, but writing things that others find interesting to read.  That my friends is an entirely different feat.  So, I hope that as my friends you will all come to me directly if that time comes.  It's like those poor people that go on televised talent shows.  I mean you know that dude cannot sing, but your support goes too far when you let him get up on stage to be made a mockery of.  Y'all better tell me.  I am not kidding.  If I read this stuff in ten years, and I say "This is shit! Why didn't y'all tell me!?" I am going to be pissed!  Of course, knowing me, even if it isn't shit I will probably think that anyway, so you're kind of screwed either way.  Reference this comment and we can pretend it's like a get-outta-jail-free card.  I can't remember a damn thing half the time anyway.

Did I mention I am home with my kiddo today?  He had his wisdom teeth pulled, poor guy, and did amazing.  So since he is sleepy, and it is Friday, I may or may not have had a bourbon and sweet tea, or two.