No matter their age, they will always be your baby. **sigh**

This morning my not-so-little boy is having his wisdom teeth pulled.  It is a routine and fairly simple procedure, but the teeth are still in the jaw so it is considered oral surgery.  As I watch him sleeping before leaving for work this morning, I still see my baby.  I see the little guy with the big blue eyes and super chunky cheeks, the fat rolls on his thighs and arms.

My little boy is growing up and while it crushes my heart, I am so proud of who he is becoming.  For sure we have our moments, where he is a typical teenager and I remind myself that I would not look cute in an orange jumpsuit.  But, I am blessed.  He is a kind human, with a heart bigger than anyone else I know, despite the sadness he has been forced to handle.

There is no other topic, person, or thing that shoots straight to my heart as he does.  The walls of strength that have naturally made my heart off limits to most, shatter like glass when it comes to him.

There is no other love like it.

As I look forward to him graduating next year and having his a life all his own, the only thing that trumps my aching heart is the pride I have in knowing that he will be a great man.

Now, sappy mommy time is over, what he is most afraid of this morning, rightfully, is me recording him all doped up and silly... I feel like it is my right in exchange for the pain in my heart of him growing up.  Fair trade, if you will.

He disagrees, muahahahaha!  Sorry sucka!  Standby!

But seriously, any good vibes, prayers, happy thoughts are welcomed, thanks!