Lost boys.

Hey y'all!!

I know it has been a bit, I am still here. Alive and mostly well.

It seems like forever since I wrote a blog post, and in terms of getting things off my chest, it has been. I've had some changes in my life and also did a bit of traveling. I will get to those things soon, but today I want to vent a bit on the huge gash in our society that has taken place as of late.
In short, I am not sure the words embarrassed, ashamed, disgusted, sad, angry, quite describe what I feel, but it's a start.

I am embarrassed and ashamed to share the same color skin with these "men".  I would rather peel mine from my body than to have anything in common with them.

I am disgusted that in a world where our enemies pose real threats to our nation, we still have this much hate for our own.

I am sad that my son has to experience this kind of awful human nature.  I am also sad that there are humans in my own state who are so lost and damaged that they actually believe that hate will benefit anyone, that it is a better option than love.

And, I am angry.  Angry that this flat out racist behavior even has a platform.  It is 2017 damn it!

What is happening in Virginia is criticized as being a "southern" or "redneck" thing but I can assure you that these terrorists are more likely to be lost boys than country boys.  Kids who grew up and found acceptance (most likely the only kind) in a hate fueled gang of insecure and insignificant radicals who find superiority by ranting about others being beneath them.  They have no strongholds or truths to back their flimsy pedestal stance.  Not to diminish the pain they are inflicting, but in truth, they are more "mutts" than "pure" and the idea that they are supreme while carrying around tiki torches and citing quotes from 150 years ago is laughable and ridiculous.

Their efforts to seem superior fall flat, but they have been successful at tearing the mends across the fragile coexistence of every race in our country.  They have exposed years of pain and suffering from generations past.  They have rekindled the flames of what divides us, and we are letting it happen by not speaking out, standing up and denouncing their racist bigotry.

Many have taken to social media while others feel giving them any more fuel for their fire is a waste (or they're scared to do so).  I, however, believe that remaining silent is enabling and accepting of the mere existence of these maggots.  Let us talk about it, condemn it, scream loudly with words and actions, teach the next generation to be better, and that this is. not. okay.  We are not born with these afflictions, thoughts, racist tendencies, they are spoon fed into the mouths of babes.  It is shameful to breed this hate.

I can go on for hours, and you can find long winded articles at every turn... but it is simple.  Hate, racism, and bigotry have no place in this world, and definitely not in this country where men and women of all races, creeds, colors, nationalities fought for our freedoms, some giving their lives for it.  In the heat of war and battle, when these very heroes are covered in mud, sweat, and blood, the color of skin is irrelevant.  The mission is to protect and serve this nation.  For Christ's sake, do not let their efforts, their lives, be in vain!

Surviving the twists and turns of this life are already difficult enough, compounding that with all of this is maddening.  It will, however, not go away without force.  Force in rising above it, shutting it down, through the means that prove to work.  You, in your daily life, have to assert yourself how you can best, whether it is music, art, writing, talking, giving back, use your abilities to overcome.  Create your platform, and use it for good.

If for every one that is spewing this hate, there are two in opposition, they will be toppled over.

Come on North America, get your shit together.