She remains UNBROKEN

I have spent so many years coming to terms with my broken life, trying to fit these jagged pieces of my puzzle back together, that I was failing to realize that I, myself, remain unbroken.  Sure I have cracks, that is where the light gets through, we all do.  But, I am not broken.  My core being, my monumental self remains.

Let me say that again.

I am not broken. 

I believed I was, however.  I convinced myself that I was broken beyond repair.  That no matter how hard I worked, tirelessly rebuilding each piece of me, that I was still broken, unworthy, never again to be perfectly whole.

What I have found though, is that putting everything back together myself proves that I cannot be broken.  Having this strength does not come from broken pieces, it comes from still being me in the depths of my soul, regardless of the many fractures within the whole structure.  The entirety that has been rebuilt is beyond just me, beyond just surviving, but being whole in spite of the damage, the unclaimable, destroyed parts.

He did not break me, he took the pieces he could and destroyed them, but he never had the power to ruin me.

I am complete, wholly me.





*P.S. I know "unclaimable" is not really a word.  It fits, my words, used it anyway.  Thanks grammar nazi's I do appreciate you!