This is my 200th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did those exclamation points convey my excitement?!

Man! I had a serious check in with myself last night. (Thanks to a coach I’ll talk more about later.)
I have no more excuses. Joseph is a minute away from his own life and it’s time to stop hiding from mine. I was reminded last night that raising another human is a greater feat than any amount of work I must face to begin my next steps on my journey. I’m excited and terrified, that fear is my jumping point. Launching into the next most amazing version of me. Fear is a reminder that this fucking matters. If I didn’t scare myself a bit with my wants they would definitely not be fucking great enough! I’m working on what’s next, and the train has left the station. Huge shout out to Dr. Jeremy Goldberg @longdistancelovebombs for working with me. Helping me be the person that can sort through the shit and get where I need to be going!

His TEDx talk is super rad, watch it here.  It is worth it, I promise.

Also - I had this in my drafts after an IG post and I thought what better way to celebrate 200, yes two-hundred, individual works of my mind out into the world, than by letting it be these words?!

I am grateful for having the courage to start this little baby blog a year ago.

I am over the moon that it has reached people, helped people.

I am indebted to each one of my supporters.  The cheering squad in my life is hands down the most real, rad, tribe I could ever ask for.  Your encouragement and the unrelenting backing is more than I could ever repay.  Every one of you - thank you!  Much love!

I am humbled and super excited about what is next!