The stars aligned perfectly, a love pop!

Have you ever laid under the wide open sky in complete awe at the vast beauty of how the night's black sky is freckled with the stars?

It is the perfect reminder of how even in the darkest of spaces, the light can still get through.

I sat there in complete gratitude with the first chill of the fall air, crashing waves and this beautiful massive amazing night sky.  I knew I was supposed to be there, like it almost called me to go.  Every bit of my soul connected with the space I was in, and for those moments I felt like time was not zooming past like in a normal day.  If felt peaceful and like each second was a gift.

It may sound hokie or silly, but if it does, you're probably not my people.  Sorry, not sorry.  And truthfully, if it does, I feel bad for you.  These moments are made up of magic and peace and love pops... with sparkles.  And, they can be so easy to miss in the day-to-day.  Most would say how the small they feel, under the stars, next to the sea, but not me.  I say how miraculous are we to exist next to such powerful forces, and survive.

Feeling grateful and full in heart.