WHY I blog-so-hard


I have never had any formal writing lessons or training outside of English classes through out my school years. I write what I feel and how I speak.  Those who know me know IG stories are proof that I enjoy conversation so much that I will even do it into a screen when I am all by myself.  I read (the trillion) other blogs and stories out there and sometimes I am certain I am terrible at it, but, I don't mind because I write what is right for me.  I am not doing it for validation, or money (yet, but if you're interested in making an offer... know what I am saying... wink, wink).  I am doing it because I have found more of me, and my voice, my passion, and therapy in it.




Then, other times, I read words from another source and think, "Rock on, I am doing great!" not because they are bad, but because I realize we all have our own unique versions of our points and opinions.  And, in any art, music, photography, writing, etc. there is a point where redundancy occurs, thoughts are similar and familiar.  I mean thousands of people have come before us with original ideas and out of this world thoughts.  Not to say, we do not have the capability to say things in a way they haven't been before or to expound on ideas we find provoking.  It is more that unless you do not appreciate and seek out other works as most creatives do, you most likely have seen and heard the exact thoughts you have, somewhere, somehow, in some way.

They resonate.

What distinguishes my ideas, is my way of presenting them.  My grammar may not be perfect, I overuse comma's like it is my job.  I love auto-correct, most days, because I think faster than my fingers can move at times and it leaves me with a page of messed up words. What I do have is my beliefs, my way of writing them with conviction and power, imagery, feeling, depth, and candor that will set me apart.  My experiences shape my words and I have a gift with seeking out the rest of the story.



I was recently speaking with a photographer and we agreed on the point that our work is, and should be about why we do it, not what we are doing.  For me it is not that I am writing, it is why I am writing.  The why is the difference.  The why can change but it holds the value of my work.  My why is for others and for myself.  I want to reach people.  I want my words to find their way to someone in need and have an impact.  And, in the journey from getting out of me and getting to whoever needs them, I also find my therapy.  My healing, my validation that my trials and triumphs meant something.  My words will last longer than I, and I hope they will reach family, friends, strangers, for lifetimes to come. Or, that they just reach you, if you need them.