I wish I could show you.

I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.


This is one of my favorite quotes.  The rest I wrote for you and then when I was finished I realized I wrote it for me too.

I wish I could.  If I could show you, I would share a glimpse of the beauty, the love and light that resides in your soul no matter how life tries to break you down.  You have endured the unimaginable, survived through the unsurvivable, defied the countless odds and statistics against you.  You have lived in defiance of everything that has worked against you and for good measure you threw up a middle finger while never succumbing to the darkness.

Weakened and tired you carry on.  You have learned how to take care of yourself.  You learned that those who let you down also gave you the gift of resilience, strength and survival.  Their inability to love, care for, and protect you showed you how to do it for yourself.  Their darkness was a gift, you see, they helped your light shine even brighter.  Your struggles, your pain, your suffering are tremendous - but they have shown you how to soar despite the weight.

Don't you for one second think you are not resilient and beautiful with your scars, inside and out.

Survival suits you.  It is a pillar of strength for others that also fuels your soul with the will and drive to continue.

Take your time, lift your head, care for yourself, and then continue.  I know you can.

Sending you my love and light.

Photo: Star Mega Photography

Photo: Star Mega Photography