These boots were made for walking

I never intended to use this pic...



This one is for my girls.  These legs of mine that have carried me through the unimaginable.  The legs that help me stand tall and forge forward no matter my circumstances.  They don't ask why they have to get up day in and day out.  They just do.  They may ache at times and rightfully so, but, they still manage to get on these boots, or heels, or flops, and do what is asked of them.

Today I am grateful for my legs and their ability.

This may seem like a silly post to some, but today, what can you show a little gratitude towards within your body?  We all too often wish this or that looked different instead of being content with what works so hard for us every day.  When I got this picture from my last photo sesh it made me smile.  I did not think I would ever use it but I remember slapping my thick thigh and being happy my photographer and friend Starla was able to capture it.

We spend so much time wanting to alter, change, or wish away aspects of our bodies.  Wouldn't that time serve you better if spent embracing what was given to you as a gift?

You are the only one of you we get and you are perfect and whole just as you are.

Start saying that to yourself every day.  "I am perfect and whole just as I am."  Show that body some love!  Show that body some grace.  It works hard every day.

Cheers to these legs!  And a good pair of cowboy boots, aka shitkickers, too!