I want you to know that you are not alone.

I know it is said over and over. But we truly, really are not.

In this right to know, everything, right now society, the missing piece is how similar we all are in all of the subjects that are slowly beginning to be spoken of. We can all get on and immediately recognize the same purse, or hairdo, or job, or fun time. But to know each other's pain, to see the suffering, to relate about something outside of the "status quo"... that is often overlooked, scrolled right past.

To put it into perspective in a real talk way - it is happening to us all, the "it" being a fill in the blank. You are not the first one for any life thing to be happening to, you are also not the last.

But I need you to really, really get this.

Everyone, every single one of us has these isolating, traumatic, unspeakable, sorrowful, sad, unfortunate, unfair, out of our control experiences. Every single one of us. We do not get out of this go 'round the sun unscathed. But, if we can begin to face these things and to know that not only is owning them brave but that sharing with others gives us our power and overcoming capabilities back.

Whether it is:

Domestic violence
Mental health issues
Toxic relationships
Job loss
Hell, even just the woes of dating or a disagreement with a loved one

I could go on... God knows there is no end to suffering, but the point is that you do not stand in these fights alone. There are thousands of people going through similar things, hardships and troubles. This is not to compare and say "you are fine, others deal with this too." It is in an effort to bring you to a sense of home, to know that we all walk together, we all know how hard it can be. A wake up to helping and allowing ourselves to be helped.

Your pain is not measurable, it is not comparable. There is no weight to distinguish your loss against mine. But knowing that others can hold your hand and say "me too" sometimes gives us just enough peace to keep going. Life is fucking hard, man, sometimes, more like most times, more than we have been taught to process. But, to have another human, stranger or best friend, say "I understand" or "I love you anyway" or "This is hard, and that is totally okay for today" can make all the difference in the world.

Be love Y'all. Be aware, lend a hand and a smile, you never know who you are reaching.