Mind your oxytocin, it can be the rabbit hole of love.

I was listening to a podcast the other day in regards to why men and women fall in love differently.  Oxytocin (which has other very important roles but for the context of this piece is considered the "love" chemical in our brains) is released in a loving territory, a few examples would be long hugs, sex, breastfeeding, kissing, etc.  However, long story short, testosterone is like Kryptonite to Oxycontin.  So, for women, we naturally have lower testosterone levels and as such we are generally apt to feel love-like feels much quicker than men.

Think back to those times feeling all pink and rosy, swoon-city if you will, over a dude but even after a mutually sweet (keeping it PG) encounter he feels quite a bit less enchanted in return.

Being aware of when your brain is releasing the love drug versus someone or something that actually has earned those reactions helps distinguish between the two, and can save you from some unnecessary dramatics.

Is this my brain on love (drugs)?  Or am I genuinely feeling this person?

This topic is broad and encompasses a lot of different ideas, but I promised to keep these shorter than normal posts.  And, when the speaker said, "You really have to mind your Oxytocin..."  I realized how many of us get lost in the euphoria rather than recognizing and enjoying it while still clinging to maintaining our rationale.  Getting high on that chemical is easy. It being positive, true, realistic and authentic is another thing altogether.  It is important to discern between the two lest you end up looking over an ex-list going "What in the fook was I thinking there?"  I am sure that isn't just me!

Of course, I am talking very generally here, but the point is to mind your mind.