Somewhere between lunch and dinner, everything changed. A shift with no warning, no explanation, no details.  Just inexplicably feeling a different way.  Everything I had felt, went to the back burner and I went in to preservation mode.  A variety of factors could be to blame, but this resounding "NO" came from my gut.  "No more for me please."  I have clawed my way out of the depths of hell, so in my opinion I have earned the right to say no, or yes.  I have experienced enough to know what is best for me.  An understanding of who I am at my core, not to be overstepped or threatened or crossed,  because in this life, my life, I am the boss.

My intuition has never failed me.  Not ever.  Now, I listen.  I respond thoughtfully and with care.  You see, no one is responsible for our hearts accept us.  And they are little badasses, so let us work hard to defend them! If something feels like a red flag, it probably is.  It is no different than the eeriness of a dark alley feeling threatening, there is a part of our make up designed to help protects us.  We all should tune in to that part of ourselves, and for the love all things, stop overlooking it for someone else's benefit! If something is happening to you, or around you that you would not want your dearest ones to experience, then it also should not be for you.

There is nothing wrong with saying no, if something or someone is not a fit for you.  And if you are going to say yes, let it be a HELL YES!  Life is too short for the mundane, the settling, and  anything else that doesn't just light you up.  Trust yourself, believe in yourself.

You are amazing!