Fuel your fire!

Why are we so quick to feed a growling stomach, but reluctant to feed the longing in our hearts and souls?  Is mental and soulful fulfillment not as necessary as physical sustenance?  For me, it absolutely is.  Now for sure, we must eat to survive, to work to have food, but for what if our hearts and minds are running on E?  Where did the looming idea that we are not worthy of happiness begin, and why has it been so ingrained in our existence generation after generation? So many questions for a Tuesday morning, I know!

Generations ago, I would say life was hard, simpler maybe, but definitely hard.  There was this work harder to get anything, and then you still did not earn your keep enough, or deserve your existence.   And not just in material items, or leisure.  Obligation became a staple in place of wants, needs, and desires.  Things people longed for were considered childish or outlandish and those who dared voice their hearts' passions were often described as silly daydreamers.  As the years passed, and the times changed, happiness, joy, passion, and fulfillment took a hard beating... we tuck it away, hide it.  We lower our heads and "get to work" as we are told to.  We buy more than we need and create a facade to maintain the cultural status quo.  If we all just stay right around that familiar place, we don't have to push ourselves beyond autopilot, where people know our true selves.

What a load of shit!

Years ago, after my abusive relationship, I found myself starting to feel again, the numbness I existed in just to survive, began to shed away.  It wasn't quite like riding a bike.  It was tough!  I had to relearn my strengths, address new and old weaknesses, sit with vulnerability (the cringe-worthy thing it is) and joy,  loneliness, fear, happiness, sadness, excitement, etc.  I had to dive deep into what set my heart on fire, and what doused my flames versus igniting them.  I mapped out who I was, in my new life, over the course of the next several years.  I realized it was not selfish, as we have been taught, to fill our cups up first, but necessary, and for me, a requirement.  You see we cannot give what we don't have, not to our children, family, friends, work, charities, really anything we are invested in.  We cannot be something to anyone or anything, if we are not that to/for ourselves first.

We must allow ourselves the freedom to really be ourselves, on a deeply authentic level.  We must stop letting society dictate our likes and dislikes.  We must let our hearts beat to the rhythm of our own drum.  We must propel our strengths instead of forcing ourselves to work under constraints that highlight our weaknesses.  We must connect, as we are, on a human level. Feel that vibe that radiates between souls, seek those who fan your flames.

Make your own damn day! Find your tribe, love them madly.  Love yourselves.  Let us set our souls free, love and live OUT LOUD.

Be Love - sending some your way too!