Makin pancakes

That's what we used to call "it" in high school... back when saying the word sex would have been frowned upon by our parents and caused an intervention of stern talks and probably some Holy water.  "Hey do you think you guys will make pancakes tonight?" While it kept us somewhat out of suspicion, it did not keep us out of trouble.

Although, I am not sure that it is any less weird to say, I mean the sheer amount of time we talked about pancakes should have alarmed someone!  "Y'all need to slow your pancake eatin rolls... I mean who is paying for all these damn pancakes?!"

Maybe they just had us on auto tune.  Or, we had them somewhat fooled.  (As a parent now, I doubt it.) We were generally good kids, but we often took advantage of that fact. It is all fresh in my mind again since I have a teenager... little flashes of the things we used to do... smh.  Yes, I am alert when it comes to my son, not quite a helicopter parent, but don't push me fool... nosy can become my middle name.  Lord knows I have enough investigation skills to make the FBI envious.  You know what they say about a woman who wants to know something... she will find it out!

Seriously, I trust my son as a human, but he is a sixteen year old boy, this mama ain't playin! That Y chromosome can really mess up some things. ;) I talk to him about it all though... some stuff he doesn't want to hear, usually.  Like the time I left a box of condoms in his room, the day after a very frank conversation about sex.  He came out of the doorway and said "what are these for?!"  I may or may not have embarrassed him by saying, "do you need a demonstration son?" to which he rolled his eyes (not sure where he gets that from) and went back in to his room.  I shouted "better to prepared, love you!"

Mama does what she has too.

Happy Friday y'all!