For real, I believe you have not become a bon-a-fide parent until you are flipping your kids off as they stomp away.  Lil shits...

Now it goes with out saying, they are the most amazing ever, and we can't imagine our lives without them, and parenting is the most fantastic, rewarding experience, and we cannot imagine our lives without them... but if we cannot be honest here, that sometimes it also sucks, really bad... then where can we be?  Oh wait, it's my blog, I can do what I want! #nojudgementzone

I love my son with everything I have, and I would die for him in an instant.  That does not negate the fact that some days are not so great, sometimes parenting is a pain in the ass...when they are running you ragged, and don't appreciate a thing you do, and you are running on less sleep than is humanly possible, and bills are stacking up, and homework is not done and you walk in to their room only to find snacks under the bed, or they haven't flushed the toilet in a considerably long amount of time! UGH Phew! (that may have been last Thursday in my house)

And you parents out there that act like it is all sweetness and roses... especially on the "mommy pages" dear gawd, the jig is up, you are lying.  We know it.  Temper tantrums and blow outs, sickness and terrible twos, threenagers and teething... bring out the worst in kids and it happens with ALL of them, at one point or a hundred other.  And I am only talking about babies there... then they grow up, and have a whole other list of trying times, attitudes, etc.  Furthermore, for a site that is supposed to be helpful, seems like it ends up being a place new moms go to find depression, like you need any help with those hormonal changes ::eye rolls:: between the comparisons and judgment, I am again glad I had my kiddo before the time of Facebook shaming.  Y'all need to help each other out, lift each other up.  ::steps off soapbox::

I am always warning new mommies, "trust me, I know they are so cute and cuddly and sweet, but there will be a day coming that they will make you question your own sanity"  Lol they look at me all gooey-eyed like "that will never happen with my sweet baby"  Oh darling, it will, you may not admit it... but it will!

On the judgement topic....::steps back on soapbox:: Whatever you feel is right, and however you choose to raise them is your business.  If it works for y'all keep it up.  Whether you co-sleep or don't, pop their bums or lean toward time out, home school or enroll them as soon as they are old enough, there is no guide book, so you do the best you can.  As an example, I did not breastfeed, I don't need anyone to look down on my decision, because they did.  He is a brilliant kid, tall and strong.  It was in fact for a medical reason, so take your judgement elsewhere... and I will mind my business when your 6 year old climbs up in your lap for a boob.  You do you!

Back on track... bottom line, sometimes parenting can be the most challenging thing ever, mamas and daddy's, y'all are not alone... it takes a village!  When it sucks, you are allowed to say so, because those moments come and go in between the awesome... its the way it goes.  If you don't beg Jesus to take the wheel every once in a while, get together with your friends and chat about the holy terrors they can be.... you lyin gurl! Let's be honest, they really can be little craptasic beings... even if they are our favorites.  When they act like little jerks, and you flip them the bird as they walk away, I want you to remember this post... smile...

And congrats, you are now a bonafide parent! Cheers!

Where is my bourbon?

Sip, sip

Thanks for reading y'all! xoxo