Peas and Carrots

I think I will have to name him Forrest... or Ginny.  I took my new friend peas and carrots this am... he let me get close enough to leave him some of the goodies with no hissing, attacking, or pooping!  I didn't wanna freak him out with the camera, so I took one from the office, but I will work on that.  I am also hoping he will be out there this afternoon when I leave, so I can give him some more food and get a better pic... cross your fingers.

What is your vote for a name?  Open to suggestions here, since I have never named a goose, that I remember anyway.  Merlin and George are contenders too. Maybe Tray, my alter ego...

_______________ the goose, lemme here your suggestions!

forrest siting.jpg

This is him, or her. Loner goose, my spirit animal possibly, Hehehehe.