Love pop!

So I am not sure about y'all, but I feel like this week has been one hundred days long.

Also, high school chemistry is the ultimate bitch!  I barely made it through myself - either the teacher really took pity on the fact that I was that bad, and didn't want to have to deal with me anymore, or my boobs helped... either way, I don't remember a thing from that class!  Now trying to help my kiddo... google is even scratching its head at me.

But the other night, feels more like weeks ago, I finally sat down to read my book, (Blink, which will most likely end up in my reading list) when I here Joseph calling "mooooooom" as he was walking in to my room.

I braced myself for something exhausting and he says, "you wanna come play Mario Kart with me?"  I looked at my book, looked back at him and responded "heck yes I do!"

Knowing these little moments don't come very often, and soon he will be off in his own life, makes me cherish them even more.

So we stayed up a little bit late, and we played and played... and he beat the crap out of me in that game!  Seems my cousins motto of "runnin wide open" translates to full throttle in Mario Kart-land!

These little memories in the making, had my love pop sprinkling happy all over me.

All.  The.  Feels.