Love pop

So I live in an area that is surrounded by military bases. I did a 'my two cents' on loving jet noise... but the big ol birds are a source of joy pretty regularly. Today right outside my office window, all kinds of different military jets and bombers were out and about. I don't know where they were all from, but they were all friendly so that's all that mattered to me.  (Apparently everyone has two cents about them as well.)

I don't know what it is about watching them that gets me so excited, between the elegance with which they fly, the speed and dare-devilish-ness of it all, topped off with the patriotic baddassery which is our military... gets me giddy!

A was standing in my office like a kid at the aquarium, with my face as close to the glass as possible, taking pics and video, and just being in awe.  Maybe it's not like that for everyone but it certainly was a love POP for me today!