My two cents; The numbers 

I overheard a convo the other day regarding the number of sexual partners the other had had.  I had to walk away... first of all, why count... Unless it's like five, and then it's understandable... but seriously why is this a topic?  And WHHHHHYYYYYYY would anyone want to know this information about someone they are interested in.  I mean unless they are a porn star, which is a whole other post all together, what does it matter?  I would never want to know the answer, it seems so intrusive and manipulative.  Would anyone want to know if the number was like 150?  Or worse, just one or two... that is my opinion, not passing judgement, I prefer a man who knows what he is doing in the bedroom... or kitchen, truck or wherever... I am getting off topic.

Anywho, I just feel like what came before me, in that arena, is your business and vice versa... unless of course you have any "issues" resulting from those situations that could affect me directly, ahem... (or it's one of my close friends, but I would certainly already know that info... what? girls talk) otherwise, it does not do an anxious mind (or jealous, or insecure if the shoe fits) any good to hear this kind of intel.  And does anyone actually know, and tell the truth?  Really?

Can we invoke 'don't ask, don't tell' on a topic like this... I mean seriously, I don't care who it was (again citing the above and it being a friend), or how many.  I just don't want to know.

I just can't imagine what good it does.  Of course that's just my two cents.