Stats & followers, F@&% the numbers!

Stats.  Oh they can be brutal for a new blogger, if you pay attention.  At first I did, I was guilty of getting super high on the big days, but then also feeling flustered on the slow visit/comment/like days.  It was my new baby, and of course I wanted to succeed.  Then as I found myself plagued with questions about content, and my story, and how to boost the numbers, basically loosing my mind...I got a message from an acquaintance.  She wrote to me about how much of what I was saying resonated with her.  She was so grateful for reading what I said, because she felt the words, read my posts as if she was talking to a friend.  Wow!  My words are reaching people.  Humbling.

Thank you!

These little reminders are all I should need.  The support is priceless.  The fact that more and more people say things like, "it sounds just like we are chatting" or "you wrote exactly what I  was feeling", and even "thank you, for making me feel not so alone" fill me up, and fuel my desire to share even more.

So thank you!

Sorry for the language (not really sorry, you know me), but when it comes to comments like that, fuck the numbers.  This kind of measure is far greater than any chart on a screen.  So thank you, again, to everyone who has read my story, liked a post, commented, shared my website.  I appreciate it more than I can say. Really.

My only request, is that if you know someone in need, and you think they could benefit from my words, please share with them.  If you want to share and like and comment and repost, have at it - you are awesome!  But mostly, I want to reach people I can help.

Sending you all so much gratitude and love, thank you for being proud of me, and the continual support.