Real life, I made it... to my bed.

This is an actual conversation with my cousin... and an actual picture of me.

Her: (discussing something I couldn't let seep in to my brain)

Me: I can't right now


I'm hiding from life.

And I am also refusing to put pants back on until I have to pick up Joseph because it would be frowned upon to make him walk and also if I showed up with no pants.

Her: nah nobody but Joseph would see you don't have pants on.

Me: Also, I think southwest is reading my blog. They sent me drink vouchers for nothing. (And nobody, especially an airline, does that for nothing!)

Her: they're prepping you for Vegas.

Internal me: I think they get me.  Although I don't know how.

And so does she, and same.  More on her soon.


Follow up: I did put shorts on to pick up my kiddo, it was a compromise, but I am sure he appreciated it.