This list is the cure!

I have noticed a HUGE surge in lists on blogs lately.  You know the ones that accomplish everything in life, "by doing these 14 things!"  Now some of them are good, sure, but I am finding them more and more careless, and very annoying.  And I am not trying to be negative toward anyone, I swear... but really?
(Yes I know I will probably get hammered for this one. So be it.)

"4 ways to guarantee your happiness"
Really, in just 4 ways huh... how is everyone not walking around extremely happy right now, there is the complete list on how to be happy... in 4 ways!  Have you guys not read the list? It is all right there, the 4 keys to happiness, right there on your screen... no not the post about online dating, below that... whoa too far, no one wants to see how sad that puppy mill commercial is... right there that one, above the half naked chick... HAPPY! Can't you see it!?
No, happiness is personal, you can't just read about it and poof, happy.

Or, "3 signs to know if he/she is the one"
No wonder I am single, I was sure there are at least a few more things that you may need to find out about a a million things.  And then what if they have 2/3, do they get a pass, or are you actually supposed go "sorry pal, this list says 3... you're out!"
Maybe we should just I don't know, see if we like them, and learn about each other as we go?
How profound.

This one.... "7 ways to prevent chaffing while wearing a sun dress..." Oh wait, that one might be a saver... scratch that one... it stays.

How about this one "6 reasons he doesn't want you after sex" ::blink, blink::
Seriously? No thanks, any one is more than enough!  Really.  Enough said.

Just a few that I saw today.

These posts about why you aren't lovable, or what signs mean, or sure ways to never be broke, single, married, happy, sad, sexual, lied to, worthy, valuable, poor, rich, cheated on, EVER again, probably all have some decent content... I just don't understand how anyone, especially writers would want to quantify their topics.  The point of life is to grow and evolve... so if I tell you that these 3 ways are guaranteed to make you the best most liked person in the entire planet, aren't I writing myself out of a job?  One, it's not realistic.  But two, those three things won't possibly work for everyone, everywhere, forever.  It just isn't possible.
Oh wait, so it's not writing yourself out of a job, because when those 3 or 8 or 400 things do not work, we will just scamper over to the next, new and improved list?  I see what you did there.

I guess it's all the rage right now, and maybe all with the best of intentions.  I just don't enjoy it I suppose.  At least not at this high level of supply.  Could I go back and see that I have posted a few, probably.  Not recently.  They have gotten overwhelming.  I am not going to detail what I would do here, because then it would just seem like I am comparing my writing to theirs, and I would rather not.   I am not better for being different, I just crave honesty, and hate the "fluff" reads.

To each their own.  And certainly if you get something out of it... do more of that!  I will still be over here, keepin it real!



PS - this creative process list though... it's for real!