Have grace in the space.

We all try so many tips, tricks, and tactics to get over tough times, but the only way that truly works is to GROW through it. Turn and face it, sit with it, embrace your feelings even if they seem unacceptable. Allow yourself to feel the bad parts, be angry, rage even, accept sad, cry, hurt, unfold the results of what happened. Unpack it all, sort through each piece and go gently. There is no comparing, no pity, no criticism in what you feel. You don’t need to brush it away, or push through, or make it small for another’s benefit. You have to deal with it, your life, for the rest of the time you’re given. Allow your heart room, space and acceptance towards healing. Dance, scream, laugh, meditate, cry, create, embrace, move, hold on. Ask for help. Love yourself the way you wish someone else would, the way you give so freely to others.
Refill and refuel you. Have grace in the space and always remember you’ve got you.

♥️ T

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