The blues.

Not sure where this beautiful ball of light has been but I want it back! How many of you are struggling with the grey? The constant dreariness, does it create some static within you?
Do you find yourself feeling down, exhausted, unwell?
What are your practices and rituals to overcome?
Would it be possible to meditate, to sit quietly, to fill ourselves up enough, to give the winter blues a run for their money?
Can you see yourself as powerful enough to separate what is happening with the weather from there being a weather problem to the weather being a personal problem.
Would that little shift allow you the space to be okay? Even if it is just for today.
Have some grace with yourself, just as you would with another. So often with my clients they express something about themselves in the harshest of ways. When I ask them if they would talk to another human that way they quickly respond, “no way!” To which I ask, “then why is that okay for you?”. Go gently, choose to select your thoughts as specifically as the pharmacist needs to use when selecting the meds to help someone through illness.
You’re survival of everyday is proof of your strength. Support that, celebrate that, estimate yourself by that!