You are whole.

My value and worth cannot be defined by another, nor monetarily, yet, for years I tried to “push through” and do everything on my own.
What a sad existence to share this beautiful earth with so many wonderful, loving, kind humans and act like I didn’t need a single one of them.
Needs do not make us needy, but even if they did, so what?!
We are all connected by experience, emotion, feeling, why is it so hard to express that, accept that, love like that, admit that we do in fact, need?
Why have we listened to the teaching and programming that we need to be self sufficient and never ask for help?
Especially when there are so many of us called to help others.
You are worth it. You are a human whose value cannot be defined by another or by what is costs to be helped.
I broke through, all coaches need coaching and I’m lucky enough to have several phenomenal coaches. My therapist is also a gem and has helped me get to the other side of my trauma in a way I still hadn’t in all of the years since.
I had to open, I had to get comfortable with vulnerability, I had to accept help, but you know what came from those things?
That word never resonated with me before I was able to ask for help. No matter what I had survived, I didn’t feel strong. But interestingly, as soon as I let others in, as soon as I let people help me, I became strong and believed it.
There are millions of people on this planet and the majority of them are good, willing to help, ready to love and share their light.
You do not have to go it alone... you’re not helping anyone, not being your best self, by hiding parts of who you are just because they’re not healed or right or “perfect”.
You deserve to shine, when the light gets through all of us, all of our cracks it can light up the whole world.
You’re worth it.
You’re beautiful.
You’re love.