Please heal yourself, the next generation deserves it.

Please heal yourself.
Please heal yourself so that we stop passing down the burdens and fucked up programming to those who come next.
Release your pain and trauma by doing the work. Dive into it. Ask for help. Turn and face all of the suffering and those who inflicted it including yourself.
Invite it and them all in so that you can begin to dig down through the layers of bullshit we used to protect ourselves and also to harm ourselves. Shed each one until finding its core. Look at it, analyze what happened, how it happened, what it did to your heart, how it made you feel. Notice how you carried it forward even in unsuspecting ways.
Now notice your heart in it all, send it love and understanding. Apologize if needed, apologize for not showing up for yourself or ridiculing yourself. Apologize for judging and shaming.
Set your trauma free from who you are and let it just exist as something that was.
HONOR yourself for surviving.
Let. Go. Gently.
Go gently.
Only when we take these steps can we save others the effects of our traumas. Stop allowing others to suffer with you by truly healing yourself.
It is possible, it is necessary. And, it is the most loving thing that you can do.