The way water flows.

I’m so fascinated by the water.
The way it moves, the way it continues.
That even when it evaporates to our eyes, it still exists, it remains.
On its way to the ocean it winds and ebbs, even reversing course.
As if it’s final destination towards the sea is not the point at all.
As humans we see our future and desire to move towards it, directly, straight through, when life doesn’t work that way.
It pushes and pulls.
It feels like it is getting in our way.
It sets us off course and throws us mountains to cover.
But what would it feel like to flow with life?
To resist the urge to just get where we think we need to be and let life show us some of her magnificent beauty.
How would it feel to know that the where and when do not matter nearly as much as the lessons we learn along the way and the openness we face this life with?
As my coach Dr. Jeremy Goldberg says, “If you know for certain you will get there, the how becomes less important.” (May have botched that a bit, but you get the point.)
What if our path is meandering and changing because that is exactly where we need to be and when?

Maybe our path of least resistance will never be a straight line.