Vulnerability is strength.

Fathers, husbands, brothers, friends and especially our sons need to be able to express feeling and emotion in order to connect as whole humans. As women, we are called to hold the space for a man to be vulnerable and exhibit his strength in that freedom.
Many women I know can fluidly swing between their masculine and feminine energy with ease and even grace and know when either is needed.
Men however have mostly long been shamed for being emotional. “Be tough” “Be a man” “Men don’t cry” are just a few of a million different ways we harden our boys to emotion, yet when they become boyfriends, husbands and fathers we suddenly want them to not only be able to feel, but to also be able to express it.
How? When they have never been taught how or felt safe to do so?
The generational programming is mostly awful and has only recently started to be acknowledged and undone.
Without using your body, tell me how you know you are a man or a woman. Can you tell me without using physical attributes how we differ?
We are all born with similar capacities for feeling, emotions, abilities to understand and grow and learn, yet one gender is expected to be completely emotionally available, perceptive, and intelligent while the other is taught to push those same things down and away. To reject anything that is socially determined as feminine and handicap their abilities as if they carry the plague with them.
I implore each of you to challenge these rules and programmings.
Take a look at where these topics show up for you and how it serves you.
Find men’s groups and coaches that support this growth. (I have a ton I’d recommend.)
Accept that men can and do feel very deeply and stop buying into the belief that it is weakness.
When a woman shares her feeling and emotions I applaud.
Men should receive the same, it should be celebrated not to make one more or better, less or negative, but in simple acceptance that we are all feeling, loving, breathing miraculous HUMANS!
Feel free to DM me your thoughts per usual.
Sending out love and light!
XO - T