Exist in vulnerability.

A coach, a therapist, a trusted friend that has done the work in their own life, can all assist us but no one can do the work for us. Their role is to help with progress and direction, to help shift your perspective, highlight the stuck-ness, to hold space for you while you dig in. It is ultimately up to us though, to do the healing, to turn inward and grow through it.
We have to drop in, become aware of what we feel, (feel it to heal it!) get really curious about where it comes from and what it’s influenced by. To be comfortable in the discomfort by trusting in ourselves. We have to take a hard look at how we are either not dealing (avoidant) or staying immersed (victim) in it and how that is serving us. We have to acknowledge our responsibility and any self-perpetuating cycles of problems.
We must unpack all of the things and people that have hurt us, taught us poor programming, made us feel abandoned or shameful. Sort through the details without judgment, but with grace, and then release them into the light of our own inner beliefs of self-worth and love. Refusing, finally, to be defined by them any longer.
No one is coming to save us, except ourselves. You’ve got to have you!
Who do you need to be to move past your past?
To be the mountain unaffected by the passing storms.
To be the ocean, not determined solely by its waves, but to know they are just a part of its immensity. Powerful.
To believe you are worth it, valuable, deserving, and that you matter.
You have everything inside of you already to know you are love in this instant, and this one.
Let the tough times expand you into the next best version of you. Stronger, wiser, kinder, abundant and with peace and integrity.
Existing in our vulnerability, let us be conquered by love and connected to our core wholeheartedly.