The worst of the worst.

Oh boy, our minds can really conjure the worst of us and for us at times, am I right?!
I was chatting with a client about her anxiety and how if feels so hard to separate our gut instincts from our fears. To know what is triggering us as a past pain versus our gut saying “hey-o time to pull back from this ledge” and then the ego jumping in with the “yeah this is not safe, time to pull the eject lever.”
To believe our left brains warning that we will surely not make it through this storm, instead of letting right brain tel left brain to sit down and shut up, maybe just for a minute. Because we can survive it, we have proven so.
I think the trick is feeling into it. And to have grace in the space the ego provides us in flight. To stay there and thank the ego for its helluva job in trying to keep us safe, but then leaning in and trusting what is right for us, by truly trusting ourselves.
The truth is you’ve survived 100% of your days.
You can trust yourself.
You do have everything you need, already within you to make the next smallest step in the right direction.
Whether seeking help, asking more questions, or just taking the leap... you’ve got you!
Please do not let the fear consume you and take away the most beautiful parts of this journey.

P.s. we do survive the worst, not diminishing that in the least. Bad awful painful experiences happen all to often. Not nearly as often as plays out in our own minds though, ever.