She is the whole ocean

There are just some truths you will never know.
No matter how hard you try to show up and create a safe space, no matter how much you don’t judge, no matter how long you stay, some truths will remain buried in our hearts in a place you don’t belong going.
They are ours, so deep, so unworthy of the words we try to use as description of the greatest pains, or the anguish they serve to the mind and heart.
You will want to know us so deeply and so truly, more than any other before.
But that is not for you to decide.
There will always be a place within those who have survived that you cannot penetrate because you are the now,
the current,
and hopefully the good.
Your role, in this time, consists in seeing and loving this person who has survived just as they are with all of their wounds and scars. To see and to run your fingers over them so gently, without needing or expecting to ever know their birth, the why, the how these sufferings came into existence,
just to accept them.
Accept the scar as it is a part of this beautiful creature in their current magnificence and
because of it.
Your place is not back there when the broken pieces were splayed across this body, your place is now, next to her, healed and still healing, exquisite in her resilient existence.
Not because she cannot go back there, she often does.
But because that, back there, is like a tsunami wave,
when she is the
whole ocean.