Money matters.

So I just had a quick convo towards and about money. I have been working really hard on my relationship with money. I thought just by having a budget and plan that it was settled. Then I spoke with one of my heroes/mentors/gurus/coaches, the fabulous Selina Gray and she gently showed me the cosmic 2x4 to the cabesa, in the most loving and kind way possible that I needed!
Let me tell you, everything has shifted. Money is energy!!! So while discussing money with someone, specifically the lacking of it... here was my outlook.

Them: using the change in my car to eat.

Me: So the (relationship to $) shift would be, thank goodness I have this money to serve me and allowing me to eat.
’Cus I’ve been working on this recently.

Them: Yeah I’ll do that when I have more than coins in my car and more than I do in my checking account.

Me: That’s actually the best time to start, I mean imagine money were a person.
The way you feel towards that ‘person’ totally affects your interaction with it. Now if it were a person and you had contempt, frustration, annoyance, feelings of lack, and disappointment wound up in that person... how do you think the abundance would be able to grow/flow?
Would it feel healthy or toxic. And further, if it were a human do you think they’d want to be helpful towards you if you felt that way towards them?
Remember money is energy too.
The physical existence of money is just paper or just coins, but your relationship to it is how it is able to flow abundantly or stop up like a port-a-potty.

Grow•flow•abundance•energy.... it’s all involved in money too! And, the majority of us have the scarcity mindset passed down from parents/grands/great-grands that went through the Great Depression.

It’s time for a shift y’all.