Don't get triggered, get healed.

There is always that one topic, that one person, that one comment, etc. etc., that pulls us into a tailspin of negativity, rage, self-doubt, pain, grief, comparison. It happens in a flash. And just like grief, each time only amplifies the last time we didn't deal with our pain and often ends up pushing us over the edge.

Sometimes derailing us entirely and for longer than necessary.

Have you ever thought to yourself," why am I so mad, it was just a ______?" or" why in the hell did I just react like a 5-year-old?" or" why can't I let this go?"

Often we can only react from and are capped emotionally at the place we never healed.

Were you often left alone or abandoned as a child and find yourself triggered when someone doesn't show up for you the way you think they should?

Do you get enraged at someones" getting away with" even though their offense was small, you feel the need to right it for all of the past offenses from everyone else too?

If we can start to heal our pasts, we can show up to situations with present awareness and react from the scar, not the wound.

Healing is a journey, a constant work in progress, and at times can feel heavy and hard. But as you unpack and sort through each piece, your old programming and beliefs become lighter.

Understanding does not right another's wrong, it does not change the past, but it can help us through. If we can truly understand the dynamics and mechanics of the past, our worry and doubt towards it sets us free toward the future.

" The depth sorrow carves into you, becomes your container for joy" don't allow that space carved into you go to waste by continuing to suffer.

You are whole.

You are worthy.

You are deserving.

Right now at this moment, deciding for better and more, its all on the other side of healing, you are love.

Not sometime in the future. But right now by believing you've got you.

Sending out a ton of love and light, healing vibes and peace

xoxo - T