Your choice.

Here's a good choice; do not attach to an outcome, the way someone shows up, or how you think it should be.
Often, letting go of trying to control all of the things we can't is the straight path to freedom and release.
Choose you. Attach to your feelings and thoughts and honor them regardless of what others do or do not do.
Attach to your heart. Believe in it. Trust your emotions and the instincts that are inherent within you.
Practice not attaching to outcomes that are beyond your knowing and control.
Believe it is both vulnerability and strength.
Attach to being you, authentically, unabashedly, choosing you every time, because you're worthy and deserving.
I'm not attached to the way you're showing up, that's about you, I'm choosing to attach to who I am and what I believe. This moment, being love, my thoughts, this heart, being a constant student and work in progress, that's what I attach to.
Who do you need to be to believe so wholly in yourself that you no longer have to attach to outside forces or outcomes? How would that feel?